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3 Easy Ways to Play Amazon Music on Tesla

By Ivan Davis Last Update:2024-01-16
Category: Amazon Music

Tesla is integrated with different music streaming services, including Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, YouTube, etc. While driving the Tesla car, you can enjoy listening to amazing songs on these streaming platforms.

Can you play Amazon music on Tesla? It is the type of question many people tend to ask. Although there is no official way to play Amazon music on Tesla, we’ll reveal the 3 excellent ways to help you enjoy listening to Amazon on Tesla.

Does Tesla have Amazon Music?

The short answer is no. Tesla is planning to integrate with Amazon Music, but things haven’t clicked as of now. Unfortunately, there has been no Amazon Music App Tesla integration up till now, but in the near future, you might hear of Tesla getting integrated with Amazon Music. If you want to listen to the Amazon music on Tesla, you look at the three mind blowing options given below.

How to Play Amazon Music on Tesla By Bluetooth

One of the most simple and easy ways to play the Amazon Music Tesla is through Bluetooth. In this scenario, you can connect the mobile device to the Tesla Media player via Bluetooth to play the Amazon music files on Tesla. Although doing so might cost you mobile data, it is an appropriate way to listen to Amazon Music on Tesla.

💡Step 1: Click on the Bluetooth button in the touchscreen’s status bar. Next, you’ll need to start the Bluetooth on the mobile device before making it discoverable.

💡Step 2: Enter into the touchscreen of the car and click the Start Search button afterward. The touchscreen will now search for the device and will come up with the accessible Bluetooth devices there.

Tesla Pair New Bluetooth

💡Step 3: Return to the car’s touch screen and press the Phone to link. Now, the touchscreen and mobile device will show the same random number.
Next, you’ll need to confirm the numbers displayed on the touch screen and mobile device. After pairing up the mobile device and the car’s touch screen, you can begin playing the Amazon music on the Tesla.
The sound you’ll hear from the device will be managed via the stereo of the Tesla. The time you intend to switch on the Bluetooth, you’ll be able to connect the mobile device to the touch screen automatically.

Tesla Bluetooth Settings

How to Play Amazon Music Through Browser

You can access the Amazon Music player on Tesla after getting connected with any web browser. If you’ve got the Tesla Premium Connectivity, you’ve got the luxury to access online content through cellular data. Here’s how to use the web browser to play Amazon Music on Tesla.

Tesla Built in Web Browser

💡Step 1: To begin with, you’ll need to connect the Tesla to a cellular data or WiFi hotspot after visiting the upper right corner.

💡Step 2: After visiting the bottom side, you’ll need to launch the main menu after pressing the ^ button.

💡Step 3: Enter the web browser by clicking the Web button, and doing so will help you search for Amazon Music. After navigating to the Amazon Music official website, you’ll need to login with the account.
This way, you’ll be able to access the Amazon Music Library, and then you can enjoy playing the amazing Amazon songs in Tesla.

How to Play Amazon Music on Tesla via USB Drive

If you want to save time while listening to Amazon Music on Tesla, downloading Amazon music and then transferring the music files to USB drives remains the most suitable option. Musify Amazon Music Converter comes really handy when it comes downloading the music from the Amazon Music.

musify logo
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With the simple user interface and support for multiple audio formats, the Musify Amazon music converter doesn’t bother affecting the sound quality even a bit. Moreover, all the necessary information regarding the Amazon music ID3 tags will remain the same, and you won’t have to spend extra time to get Amazon music downloaded to your computer.

How to download Amazon Music through Musify Music converter.

Step 1 After entering the official webpage of Musify Music Converter, you’ll need to download and install the right version of the software.

40,000,000+ Downloads
20,000,000+ Downloads

Step 2 Start the program, jump into the main interface of Musify Amazon Music Converter, and click on the Preferences button. Next, you’ll need to select the audio format as MP3 and the audio quality to 320kbps.

Musify Setting Panel

Step 3 Login with the Amazon Music account after entering into the built-in Amazon Music Web Player. After logging in with the Amazon Music account credentials, you need to find the music you’d like to download. Next, you’ll need to click on the Copy URL button to copy the URL address of the selected Amazon music file.

Cpoy Amazon Music URL

Step 4 Visit the Paste URL window and then paste the copied URL there. The process only takes a few moments before analyzing the URL address and will help you to download the Amazon music in the preferred audio format.

Musify Amazon Downloading

Once all the Amazon songs get downloaded, you can transfer these music files into the USB drive.
After getting all the music files copied on the USB drive, you can connect the URL drive to the Tesla to start listening to the Amazon music on Tesla.

Tesla USB Hub


Since there is no Amazon Music Tesla integration, enjoying Amazon Music on Tesla directly isn’t possible. Luckily, we’ve introduced the 3 outstanding ways to help you know how to enjoy listening to Amazon Music on Tesla without doing much.

Opting for the web browser or Bluetooth to use Amazon music on Tesla is an appropriate gig, but it could take a lot of extra time.

Hence, going for the Musify is the most recommended as it helps you to download Amazon music in multiple audio formats. After downloading the music on your computer, you can transfer the songs to the USB drive before transferring the music to Tesla.

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