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How to Play Amazon Music in Car With 5 Workable Ways

By Ivan Davis Last Update:2024-01-19
Category: Amazon Music

Amazon Music is surely one of the most important aspects of everyone’s life, and aiming to listen to Amazon music while driving a car is most people’s top priority. Amazon Music has desktop and mobile applications to help you stream music while traveling long distances.

If you want to learn how to play Amazon music in a Car, tune into a guide to explore some of your most amazing options.

How to Play Amazon Music in Car with Android Auto or CarPlay

Amazon Music is compatible with Apple Carplay or Android Auto. Hence, you can use Apple Carplay or Android Auto to enjoy listening to Amazon music in the car.

Play Amazon Music on Car through Android Auto

Although Android Auto aims to improve safety, it can help you play Amazon music in your car. Here’s how to play Amazon in the car via Android Auto.

💡Step 1: You can use the Android auto by connecting the Android device to car via USB cable. Turning on the Bluetooth on the car and phone will also help you to put things in order.

💡Step 2: Launch the Amazon Music after navigating to the car’s screen. Next, choose the album or playlist you want to play in the car. You can also select to play the Amazon music in the car on your Android Auto from the Android phone. You’ll need to start the Android Auto app on the Android device and select the headphone.

Play Amazon Music on Car Via Android Auto

💡Step 3: Choose the Amazon music from the Audio app’s choice and select the playlist you’d like to play.

Playing Amazon music on car via Carplay

💡Step 1: First, you must set up CarPlay in your car by relying upon the lightning cable. This way, you can connect the iPhone to the car.

💡Step 2: Navigate to the Settings button and select the General icon. Tap on the CarPlay on the iPhone and choose the car stereo option.

💡Step 3: Visit the Amazon Music app after visiting the car’s screen. Next, choose the playlist or album you want to play from Amazon. You can ask Siri to play the Amazon music on the PC.

Play Amazon Music in Car via Carplay

How to Play Amazon Music in the Cart with AUX/USB Cable

It is one of the most reliable ways to stream Amazon music in the car. You’ll need to install the Amazon music application on your mobile. If your car stereo comes with the Aux-in or USB, you can link the tablet or smartphone to it through a USB cable or aux.

Connecting the smartphone or multiple other devices through a USB cable can help you adjust the track selection from the stereo control panel of the car.

Connecting through AUX-IN will help you to control the volume through the control panel. This way, you can change the music you’re playing in the car.

How to Play Amazon Music in Car with Bluetooth

If you don’t have a USB cable and want to learn how to get Amazon music to play in your Car, you can play Amazon music in the car through Bluetooth.

💡Step 1: Turn on the Bluetooth, which will turn on the car stereo and mobile device.

💡Step 2: At the bottom of the next screen of your smartphone, you’ll need to get the list of available Bluetooth devices. Locate the stereo in the list before choosing it. You can enter the pairing code if required.

💡Step 3: Start the Amazon Music app on the phone and click the Menu icon. Proceed ahead by selecting the Car Mode icon.

💡Step 4: In this phase, you’ll need to initiate the music track on your Amazon music, and doing so will help you sync the Amazon music with the car.

Play Amazon Music in Car via Bluetooth

How to Play Amazon Music Offline in Car

The best way to learn how to play Amazon music in car will be to download the Amazon music as local files on the PC. Musify Amazon Music Converter is one of the best music downloaders that stimulates downloading music files in the original audio format.

musify logo
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  • Helps you to download Amazon music in lossless quality.
  • Convert the Amazon Music to MP3, WAV, AAC, and more.
  • Remain the original Ultra HD or HD audio quality.
  • Enjoy 10x faster speed when downloading Amazon Music.
  • Keep ID3 tags and metadata information for well management.
  • Download Amazon Music songs, albums, and playlists with 1 click.

Apart from offering a user-friendly interface, Musify Amazon music converter also supports batch conversion and retains all the metadata information and ID3 tags.

📖Here’s guide to get Amazon music in my car through Musify.

Step 1 Launch Musify Amazon Music converter on the PC after installing it and tap the Preference button. Select the audio format you’d like to turn the Amazon music into.

Musify Setting Panel

Step 2 Log in with the Amazon account credentials in Musify’s built-in app, Amazon, to copy the URL address of the Amazon music you’d like to download.

Copy Amazon Music URL

Step 3 Paste the URL address into the timeline of the Musify Amazon music converter and let the Musify Amazon music converter analyze the URL address.

Musify Downloading

Burn Amazon Music to a CD

You can also burn Amazon music to a CD to listen the music offline. Here’s how to play Amazon in my car through CD.

💡Step 1: Insert the blank DVD or CD into the DVD/CD Drive. You’ll need to ensure that your drive is either DVD-RW or CD-RW. The W is writeable and enables you to burn information to the disc.

💡Step 2: Launch the Windows Media Player, navigate to the Organize button, and choose Manage libraries.
Select the Music icon to make the Music Library Locations appear there. Tap on the Add icon before locating the converted Amazon Music and tap on the OK icon.

💡Step 3: Tap the Burn button to make the empty list appear there. Select the files you’d like to burn from the library before dragging them into the list. Press the Start Burn icon to burn the Amazon music into CD.

Burn Amazon Music to CD

Final Words

Playing the Amazon music in car is one of the top priorities of the people wanting to travel from one place to another. If you don’t know how to play Amazon music in a car, you can look at this guide to explore the stunning way to play Amazon music in a Car.

All the options listed in this guide are worth your attention, but Musify remains the most talked about and fascinating. With supporting batch conversion, the Musify Amazon music converter lets you download multiple songs simultaneously.

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