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How to Fix Amazon Music Exception 180 [Tested]

By Ivan Davis Last Update:2024-01-12
Category: Amazon Music

With the Amazon Music app, you’ve got the privilege to explore millions of stunning songs online and offline. While enjoying listening to Amazon music is a big spectacle, many people have complained about facing the Amazon Music Exception 180 issue.

A number of reasons could become the main culprit behind the issue, but we’ll reveal the sensational ways to tackle the issue.

What is Exception 180 on Amazon Music

Amazon Music exception 180 is a playback error that a lot of Amazon music users tend to experience. The issue occurs when you intend to listen to Amazon Music offline or online. When you click on the shuffle button or play icon to play the downloaded Amazon music album or song, the songs could keep pausing or buffering. This is an indication of facing the Amazon music exception 180 issue.

The Causes of Amazon Exception 180

1.Canceled or expired digital license

If the license of Amazon promote music gets canceled or expires, it could lead you to face the issue you’re dealing with.

2.Amazon Music Server issue

It might happen that the server of Amazon Music gets down, causing the Amazon Music playback error 180 issue.

3.Rooted Android or Jailbroken iPhone

If your Android is rooted or you’re using a Jailbroken iPhone, you might not be able to play Amazon music.

4.Outdated Amazon Music

If you’re using the outdated version of Amazon, you might struggle with the Amazon Music exception 180 issue.

Common Ways to Fix Amazon Music Exception 180

1.Check Amazon Music Server Status

If the Amazon Music server status is down, it could also create the exception 180 Amazon music issue. Services like Outage Report or DownDetector might be used to know whether the Amazon music server is down. If the server is down, you’ll need to wait for a few moments before getting the issue solved.

Check Amazon Music Server

2.Force Stop and Reopen your App

Quitting the Amazon App and then opening it again might help you fix the Amazon Music exception 180 issue.

💡Step 1: Launch the settings on the Mobile device and select the Apps icon.

💡Step 2: Search for the Amazon music and press the Force Close icon.

Amazon Music Force Stop

3.Update the Amazon Music App

Updating the Amazon music app could be helpful in tackling the Amazon Music playback error exception 180 issue.

Here’s how to update the Amazon Music.

💡Step 1: Navigate to the Play Store or App Store and search for the Amazon Music App.

💡Step 2: Click ok the Update button icon if the new update appears there.

Update Amazon Music App

4.Sign out and sign in to the Amazon Music Account.

Logging out from the Amazon Music account and then logging in with the Amazon account might also help you fix the Exception #180 issue.

Here’s how to update the Amazon Music.

💡Step 1: Launch the Amazon app settings, navigate to the Sign-out button, and click on it afterward.

Setting Option On Amazon Music

💡Step 2: After signing out from the Amazon Music app, you’ll need to login with it again to see how it pans out.

Sign Out Amzon Music

5.Reinstall Amazon Music App

There could be a software bug causing the whole chaos you’re dealing with. Hence, deleting the Amazon music app and then installing it again might help you to fix the issue you’re having. Here’s how to reinstall the Amazon Music App.

💡Step 1: Navigate to the Settings app on the mobile device and choose the Applications icon.

💡Step 2: Choose Amazon Music and hit the Uninstall icon to remove the Amazon App.

💡Step 3: After removing the Amazon app from the mobile device, you’ll need to visit the App Store or Play Store. Search for the Amazon App and get it installed without wasting any time.

Uninstall Amazon Music

6.Update the mobile device.

Updating the mobile device can also help you to fix the Amazon Music error 180 issue. Here’s how to update the mobile device.

💡Step 1: Start the Settings and click on the Update icon.

💡Step 2: Press the Software Update icon and install the new update if it is available.

iOS Updates

Best Ways to Prevent Exception #180 Amazon Music

Facing the Amazon Music exception 180 issue isn’t a good sight, and you might be looking to prevent facing the issue. With Musify Amazon Music Converter, you don’t need to navigate to the Amazon music app and play the music there.

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Instead, you can download the music from Amazon courtesy of Musify Amazon Music converter and save the songs as local files. Musify Amazon music converter helps you to download the songs in more than one audio format and you won’t complain regarding the sound quality of the Amazon music.

📖Here’s how to download Amazon Music via Musify Amazon music converter.

Step 1 Jump into the official webpage of the Musify Amazon music converter and install the software afterward. After starting the program, you’ll need to select the Preference button to choose the preferred audio format.

Musify Setting Panel

Step 2 Enter into the Amazon built-in Web Player after logging in with the signup credentials. Next, you’ll need to select the Amazon song you’d like to download and then copy the URL address of the song.

Amazon Music Copy URL

Step 3 Navigate to the Download section and then paste the copied Amazon music URL address there. Musify Amazon music converter analyzes the URL address before downloading the song.

Musify Downloading


This post introduces wonderful ways to fix the Amazon Music exception 180 issue. Apart from mentioning the reasons, we’ve also highlighted the major reasons prompting the issue.

We have recommended Musify as the best way to download Amazon music offline. Downloading the Amazon music on the computer means you don’t have to face the Amazon Music error code 180.

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