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2 Ways to Play Amazon Music on Linux

By Ivan Davis Last Update:2024-01-12
Category: Amazon Music
doll I love listening to Amazon Music and would like to play Amazon Music on My Linux. Unfortunately, I’m unable to find the Amazon Music app for Linux. Can I play Amazon music on Linux?

Linux is a wonderful operating system beside the Mac and Windows. With its unique performances, Linux is well known worldwide, bringing much-needed convenience for people living around the globe. In the last few years, streaming music services have altered the way people listen to music for people.

Linux also supports multiple streaming music apps, including Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Spotify. Unfortunately, Amazon Music is still not available on Linux directly. Therefore, a user from Reddit asked is it possible to play Amazon Music on Linux. Despite Amazon Music not becoming available on Linux computers, you can find a way to listen to Amazon Music on Linux courtesy of the methods listed below.

Can I directly Play Amazon Music on Linux?

Listening to Amazon Music on the Linux computer system is the desire of millions of people living around the globe. Unfortunately, Amazon Music couldn’t be played on Linux officially as there is no official way to do it.

However, you can use a tool like WineHQ to execute the Windows application system on Linux, which in return helps you to play Amazon music there.

Although opting for this way allows you to play Amazon Music on Linux, it could also create unwanted issues for Amazon Music.

For instance, doing so could ban your Amazon account or can also make the Amazon account information vulnerable to a virus attack. Moreover, this way, you might also face the issue of low-quality sound, and you could struggle to understand what the singer is saying in the song.

Play Amazon Music on Linux with WineHQ

Although it is not possible to play Amazon Music on Linux by any official means, you can install the WineHQ to get the Amazon app downloaded on Linux. The best thing about the WineHQ Amazon Music app installer is that it tends to make Amazon Music think that you’re installing Amazon Music on Windows.

WineHQ Amazon Music

After installing the app on your Linux, you can then start playing Amazon music on Linux. Since WineHQ is an open-source app, it could also come up with some software bugs. These software bugs can either block the Amazon account or might end up making your computer vulnerable to the hacker’s attack. Using the WineHQ app to play Amazon Music on Linux might be beneficial, but it is the safe and reliable option to go ahead with.

How to Play Amazon Music on Linux Offline

Playing Amazon music on Linux through WineHQ isn’t a good idea as it could make the Amazon account or Linux computer vulnerable to a virus or hacker attack. Musify Amazon Music Converter is there to help you download the music as local files. With the Musify Amazon Music Converter, you’ve got the privilege to get the music files downloaded in multiple audio formats, including MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, etc.

musify logo
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The substantial thing about Musify Amazon Music converter is that it will retain the metadata information and ID3, coming up with a fast conversion speed. Another reliable thing to like about Musify Amazon Music converter is that it empowers you to convert Amazon Music playlists, albums, artists at the same time.

Here’s how to download Amazon Music through Musify.

Step 1 Creep into the official webpage of Musify Amazon Music Converter, download and install the software afterward.

40,000,000+ Downloads
20,000,000+ Downloads

Step 2 Launch Musify afterward and click on the Preferences icon. Now, you can select the preferred audio format and select other parameters, including audio quality and language of lyrics

Musify Setting Panel

Step 3 Navigate to the Amazon Web Player within Musify and log in with the credentials of the Amazon account there. Next, you’ll need to navigate to the Amazon music you’d like to download and copy the URL address of the songs.

Amazon Music Copy URL

Step 4 After copying the URL address of the song, you’ll need to visit the Paste URL window and insert the copied URL address there. Doing so will help the software analyze the URL address there. It will take a few moments before getting the selected songs downloaded on the computer.

Musify Dwonloading

Step 5 Musify Amazon music converter takes only a few moments to download the music, and you can save the audio files into the preferred location on the computer. You can also access the music files from the Downloaded tab, as this way, you’ll be able to play the Amazon music.

Musify Dwonloaded MP3

Step 6 After downloading the Amazon music files, you’ll need to import the songs into the USB drive.Then, you can connect the USB to the Linux computer. Now, you can begin to enjoy listening to the amazing and breathtaking Amazon songs.


Many people tend to ask whether they can play Amazon Music on Linux. Unfortunately, Amazon Music hasn’t revealed the official way to play the music on Linux. But the good thing here is that we’ve introduced the WineHQ app, which could assist you in enjoying listening to Amazon music on Linux.

Since WineHQ could come up with the bugs, it is not the most recommended way to play Amazon songs on WineHQ. For that purpose, we’ve introduced Musify Amazon Music converter.

It is a high-quality Amazon music downloader that enables you to download music in several audio formats. Once the Amazon songs are downloaded, you can then share them on Linux before playing them there.

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