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Spotify Songs Greyed Out? Fixed!

By Ivan Davis Last Update:2023-12-09
Category: Spotify

I haven’t changed the Spotify subscription, but I still am struggling with the Spotify songs greyed out issue. Why are some songs greyed out on Spotify?

Spotify Songs Greyed Out

Upon streaming the songs on Spotify, you might see your songs getting greyed out. When this issue occurs, you won’t be able to play the Spotify songs, making the experience look useless and deplorable. Luckily, you can dive into this guide to fix the Spotify greyed out songs issue.

Part 1. Why Are Some Songs Greyed Out on Spotify?

Multiple things could cause Spotify content not to be available. Here’s the list of potential reasons that might be causing the issue you’re currently having.

Reason 1. Region Restrictions

It might happen that Spotify doesn’t allow playing the songs in the country or region you’re living in due to licensing and copyright agreements. If a music file is unavailable in the region or country, you’ll see that song greyed out in the search results or playlist.

Reason 2. Songs Removed from Spotify

Sometimes, the song you’re looking to listen to might have been removed from Spotify. If copyright disputes occur between the concerned authorities, the artist of the song might decide to remove the song from the list.

For instance, Spotify eliminated thousands of Bollywood songs earlier this year, courtesy of Spotify not reaching out to the tracks’ owners.

Reason 3. Offline Mode Turned On

If you’ve enabled the offline mode and want to play, then songs that aren’t downloaded on Spotify will appear as greyed out. Hence, you’ll need to disable the offline mode and maintain a strong internet connection to play the unavailable songs.

Reason 4. Artists or Songs Has Been Blocked

If you’ve blocked an artist or song, any music file linked with those files will be inaccessible and greyed out. Navigating the profile of the song or artist is necessary to unblock the songs.

Reason 5. Network Issue

The songs might become unavailable on Spotify courtesy of the poor internet connection. Hence, when streaming Spotify music, you’re recommended to use cellular data or WiFi to acquire Spotify’s service. Sometimes, while using cellular data, you might end up disabled the Cellular data improperly.

Part 2. 5 Ways to Fix Spotify Songs Greyed Out?

Method 1. Refresh the internet connection

If you are facing the Spotify songs greyed out issue, the first thing you’ll need to check is the internet connection. To ensure that you can play all the songs, you’ll need to connect the mobile device or computer to a fast internet connection.

You can switch to the cellular data network, provided the WiFi connection doesn’t work temporarily. If you’re a smartphone user, you can visit the Settings button and click on the Cellular icon to ensure that the Spotify icon is enabled.

Method 2. Use a VPN to change the location

If you’re living in a specific region where Spotify has been blocked, you can rely upon the VPN to tackle the this song is not available Spotify. You can visit the App Store or Play store to install the wonderful VPN and start enjoying the mastic songs.

Opting for the VPNs means you’ve got the luxury to change the VPN location, pretending as if you’re currently living in another location.

Method 3. Reinstall Spotify App

Deleting the Spotify app in the first place and then installing the app again might assist you in fixing the Spotify songs greyed out. Here’s how to remove and re-install the Spotify app on Android and iPhone.

On iPhone

💡Step 1: Long press the Spotify icon for a few moments until you see the quick menu.

💡Step 2: Click on the Remove app button and choose the Delete App icon.

💡Step 3: Navigate to the App Store and search for Spotify there. This way, you’ll be able to download the Spotify app again on the iOS device.

Spotify Delete IOS

On Android

💡Step 1: Navigate to the Settings button and select the Apps icon.

💡Step 2: Click on the Storage button after searching for Spotify. Proceed ahead by hitting the Clear Data icon.

💡Step 3: Click on the Uninstall button, and doing so will help you to remove the app. Visit the Google Play Store again and search for Spotify there. Install Spotify again to fix the issue you’re currently having.

Spotify Delete Android

Method 4. Clear Spotify Cache

The unwanted or irrelevant Spotify cache might end up causing the Spotify song unavailable. Hence, to ensure that you don’t face any issues while playing the Spotify songs, you’ll need to remove the Spotify cache to see how things pan out.

Here’s how to clear the Spotify cache.

💡Step 1: Start the iPhone settings and click on the Storage button.

💡Step 2: Press the Clear Cache icon to remove the unwanted Spotify cache from the iOS device.

Spotify Clear Cache

Method 5. Turn Off the Offline Mode

If you’ve enabled the Offline mode, you’re bound to face the same issue. Hence, you’ll need to disable this function to ensure you don’t face any issues while listening to Spotify songs.

For Mac/PC

💡Step 1: Navigate to the Windows and press the three horizontal dots in the Window’s upper left corner. Click on the File button and choose the Offline Mode.

💡Step 2: If the offline mode is enabled, you can now disable that option from there.

💡Step 3: If you’re a Mac user, you’ll need to press the Spotify icon after visiting the Apple menu. Click on the Offline Mode button and ensure that the Offline Mode is turned on.

Spotify Offline Mode

For iPhone/Android

Navigate to the Settings and select the Playback icon. Press the offline icon and ensure that the Offline option is turned off to eliminate the Offline mode.

Spotify Offline Mode Mobile

Part 3. Best Way to Prevent Song Greyed Out?

You can prevent the songs from getting greyed out Spotify songs with Musify Spotify Converter. It is a fascinating tool that enables you to convert Spotify to MP3 without affecting the sound quality. The best thing of Musify Spotify Converter is that it allows you to download multiple songs simultaneously, including playlists, albums, and artists. Apart from supporting multiple audio formats which can play on multiple devices, Musify Spotify Converter tends to maintain the metadata information and ID3 tags.

Musify – All-in-1 Music Downloader

✨User friendly and easy to use.
✨Retains the metadata information and ID3.
✨Allows you to convert Spotify to WAV in lossless quality.
✨10x faster converting speed saves a lot of time.
✨Supports 8 most popular audio formats, including MP3, M4A, FLAC, and etc.

Step-by-step guide to downloading Spotify music to 320kbps.

Step 1 Download and install Musify Spotify Converter firstly and start the software afterwards. Navigate to the Preferences button and select the audio format you’d like to turn the song into.

Musify Setting Panel

Step 2 Jump into Spotify Web Player and then select the songs you’d like to download. Next, you’ll need to copy the URL address of those songs by hitting the Share button.

Spotify Copy URL

Step 3 Back to Musify, you’ll need to paste the URL address there. This way, the Musify Spotify Converter starts analyzing the Spotify songs and will assist you in downloading the songs in a few moments.

Musify Downloading

Step 4 You can now access all the songs by visiting the Downloaded tab.

Musify Downloaded


Struggling with the Spotify songs greyed out issue is fairly annoying, and no one would like to face this type of problem. Luckily, you can rip apart this issue by looking at the wonderful methods listed in this post.

All the methods we’ve gathered in this post are worth your attention and can assist you in playing Spotify songs appropriately. Musify is the best way to play unavailable songs on Spotify as it allows you to download Spotify songs to your computer. Luckily, this tool doesn’t affect the sound quality while downloading Spotify songs.

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