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How to Turn Off/On Spotify Enhanced Button

By Ivan Davis Last Update:2024-02-18
Category: Spotify

On Mar. 8, 2023, Spotify mewsroom introduced a new feature called ‘Smart Shuffle’ to replace ‘Enhance’ feature. So if you find the Spotify button missing by using the latest version of Spotify, you can read the related post to learn ‘Smart Shuffle’ feature.
How to Turn Off Smart Shuffle on Spotify

Spotify tends to introduce new features regularly, and coming up with the Enhance feature helped the creators to curate the top notch playlists.

Whether you’re aiming to search for a track matching the mood or tone or intend to expand the musical horizons, Enhance enables you to personalize your recommendations, streamlining the playlist creation process. Turning on and off the Spotify enhanced button is simpler than you think if you want to know more about it, you can dive into this mesmerizing guide.

What Does Enhance Do on Spotify

Enhance is a creative feature designed by Spotify, combining the best musical preferences through personalized recommendations, making it effortless for you to curate magnificent playlists. After turning on the Enhance feature, you can add the preferred tracks that match the playlist’s mood, genre, and tone.

Spotify Enhanced Button

It is explicitly designed for Spotify premium users. Taking the benefits of the Enhance is only possible when you’ve got a Spotify premium subscription. You can search for the feature on your Spotify app’s playlist page across iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices. By turning on and off the Enhance toggle, you can select whether to populate the playlists with the suggested songs aligning with the existing content.

How to Enhance Spotify Playlist

If you want to enhance Spotify and are looking to learn how to enhance Spotify playlist, you don’t need to do much. Look at the methods in this post to enhance the Spotify playlist on desktop and mobile devices.

Enhance Spotify Playlist Desktop:

💡Step 1: Launch the Spotify desktop app on the Mac or Windows PC. Next, you’ll need to expand the library view before scrolling through the library to navigate to the playlist you’d like to refresh. You can click on the ‘Playlists’ icon to filter the view of the playlists.

💡Step 2: When you see the playlist page, you must watch out for the Enhance button before hitting the Enhance icon.

💡Step 3: Once you’ve turned on the Enhance button, it will switch on the Enhanced feature. Spotify will now add the new recommendations after two tracks in the playlists. You can now start listening to the playlist with the different mixes of music files added by Spotify.

Spotify Playlist Enhanced


If you can not find the Spotify Enhanced Button in the latest version of Spotify, you can type the Smart Shuffle button.

Spotify Enhance Button Missing

Enhance Spotify Playlist On Phone:

💡Step 1: On the iOS or Android devices, launch the Spotify mobile app. Navigate to the ‘Your Library’ icon.

💡Step 2: Choose the playlist you’d like to enhance. Click on the Playlists at the top side of your screen to view the playlists only.

💡Step 3: After navigating to the selected playlist, find the Enhance button and hit the Enhance icon. Once the Enhanced button is turned on, Spotify will update the Playlist with the most recommended songs.


If the Spotify enhance button not showing on mobile, you can find the Smart Shuffle button which has the same function.

Spotify Enhance Button Not Showing

How to Turn Off Enhanced on Spotify

You can turn off the Spotify enhanced playlist button if you don’t like using this feature. Here is specific guide to help you turn off the enhanced button on Spotify.

Turn off Spotify Enhance Button Desktop:

💡Step 1: Navigate to the enhanced playlist in the library.

💡Step 2: Tap on the Enhanced icon on the playlist profile; this way, you can disable the Enhance feature. When disabling the Enhance feature, you can return to the original playlist.

Turn off Spotify Enhanced Button Mobile:

Shutting down the Enhance feature on mobile devices is simpler than you think. You’ll only need to act upon a few steps to turn on the Spotify enhanced button.

💡Step 1: Navigate to the enhanced playlist in the library.

💡Step 2: Click on the Enhanced button at the top side of your playlist, and doing so will turn off the Enhance feature for the playlist.

💡Step 3: All the recommendations that Spotify tends to add will get removed this way until you opt to turn on the Enhance button shortly.

How to Download Spotify Enhanced Playlist to MP3

Everyone wants to make the Spotify listening experience better and worthy of admiration. By looking at the Musify Spotify Converter, you can convert the enhanced Spotify playlists to MP3 with lossless audio quality. So you can play Spotify music on multiple devices for offline listening.

Musify – All-in-1 Music Downloader

✨User friendly and easy to use.
✨Retains the metadata information and ID3.
✨Allows you to convert Spotify to WAV in lossless quality.
✨10x faster converting speed saves a lot of time.
✨Supports 8 most popular audio formats, including MP3, M4A, FLAC, and etc.

The most remarkable feature of Musify Spotify Converter is you can get the Spotify music files downloaded with all the ID3 tags and metadata retained, which makes your personal music library well organized easily.

By following the detailed steps, you can learn how to download MP3 from Spotify with enhanced feature.

Step 1 Launch the Musify and tap on the Preferences icon. Select the audio format you’d like to turn the Spotify music into, and customizing the other audio parameters from hereon is also quite simple.

Musify Setting Panel

Step 2 Jump into the built-in Spotify web player and log in with Spotify Account. Next, you’ll need to search for the Spotify music you’d like to download and then copy the URL address of the Spotify music afterwards.

Copy Spotify Music URL

Step 3 After navigating to the Download Window, you’ll need to paste the copied URL address, and the Musify Spotify Converter will start analyzing for the URL address. It will let you download Spotify music in a few seconds.

Musify Spotify Downloading

Step 4 After downloading the Spotify music, you can visit the Downloaded section to access the converted Spotify music files.

Musify Spotify Downloaded


Aiming at the Spotify Enhanced button can surely improve your Spotify listening experience. If you don’t know how to turn on Enhance on Spotify or how to turn off enhanced on Spotify, this guide reveals the step by step guide to put things in order.

We have recommended the Musify Spotify Converter as the best way to enhance the music experience by downloading the Spotify music as local files. With Musify, you’ve got the privilege to download Spotify music in lossless quality and play them on unlimited number of devices.

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