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How to Fix Spotify Wrapped 2023 Not Working

By Ivan Davis Last Update:2023-12-07
Category: Spotify

The arrival of Spotify Wrapped 2023 has provided users with a much-needed thing to celebrate and cherish. Unfortunately, many people have complained about the Spotify Wrapped 2023 not working issue. Various things could contribute to this issue, but we’ll reveal the sensational methods to fix it.

Spotify Wrapped 2023
Source: Spotify

Part 1. FAQs about Spotify Wrapped

What is Spotify Wrapped?
Spotify Wrapped is the annual personalized report revealing the playlists and music you’ve engaged or listened to throughout the year. This includes information about the favorite genres, most played songs, top artists, and more.
When is Spotify Wrapped 2023?
Spotify Wrapped is typically released in December, and Spotify Wrapped 2023 has just been released. If you intend to watch the list-wrapped Spotify playlist, you can view it after visiting the Spotify app.
Why is my Spotify Wrapped Not Working?
Many factors could prompt the Spotify Wrapped not working issue, and some of the most common reasons are given below.
❗An outdated Spotify app or corrupted Spotify files can cause the issue.
❗Unstable internet connection could also prompt the issue you’re dealing with.
❗If the animation access is odd on the phone, it could cause unwanted issues.
❗If the battery saver is turned on the phone, it could also create the chaos.

Part 2. How to Fix Spotify Wrapped Not Working

2.1 Spotify Wrapped Not Showing Up

💡Fix 1. Delete Spotify Cache

If you’re unable to see the Spotify Wrapped up, you can consider deleting the Spotify cache.

Step 1: Start the Spotify app and press the Settings button afterward.

Step 2: Navigate to the Storage button and choose the Clear cache icon to remove the Spotify cache.

Spotify Clear Cache

💡Fix 2. Install the Latest Spotify App

If you’re using the outdated Spotify app, it could also become the main culprit behind the issue you’re dealing with. Hence, you must install the latest Spotify app to access the Spotify Wrap.

💡Fix 3. Use a VPN

The Spotify Wrapped feature may not be available in your region. Using the VPN might assist you in seeing the Spotify Wrapped playlist.

2.2 Spotify Wrapped Story Not Working

💡Fix 1. Check Your Internet Connection

Since a poor or unstable internet connection might prevent you from seeing the Spotify-Wrapped story, maintaining a fast internet connection is most recommended to fix the issues.

💡Fix 2. Check the Accessibility Settings on Your Phone

It might happen that you’re facing the current issue courtesy of the animation setting of the mobile device getting turned off. Thus, you’ll need to enable the animation settings to fix the issue you’re dealing with.

2.3 Wrapped Stories Crashing the App

💡Fix 1. Restart the App

A software bug with the Spotify app might have prompted the issue you’re currently having. Restarting the Spotify app might assist you in fixing the issue.

💡Fix 2. Delete Cache

If you’re struggling with the Wrapped Stories crashing the app issue, you can delete the unnecessary cache from the Spotify app. Doing so will help you fix the potential issue you must have been dealing with.

💡Fix 3. Uninstall and Reinstall the Spotify App

Another way to make the Wrapped stories crashing work is to remove the Spotify app from the mobile device. You can install the Spotify app again to see how things shape afterward.

2.4 Spotify Wrapped Slideshow Not Working

💡Fix 1. Set Your Phone Animation Settings to On

If the Spotify-Wrapped slideshow doesn’t work, you can enable the Phone animation settings to tackle the situation you’re currently having. Doing so may assist you in using the Spotify Wrapped slideshow appropriately.

💡Fix 2. Turn Off Battery Saver on Your Phone

The battery saver might also stop some apps from working on your phone. Hence, if you’re struggling to see the Spotify Wrapped stories, you can disable the battery saver to see how it pans out.

2.5 Spotify Wrapped Not Accurate

💡Fix 1. Confirm the Recording Time

Some people have complained that the Spotify wrap didn’t give an accurate summary of the music being listed in the last year. You need to remember that Spotify tends to monitor the data between 1 January and 31 October, implying that two months will get missed in this process. Hence, you can only see the Spotify-Wrapped playlist starting on 1 January and ending on 31 October.

💡Fix 2. Listen to Music on Spotify More Often

If you don’t listen to Spotify music regularly, the Spotify-Wrapped feature might fail to detect you. Hence, you must visit the Spotify app daily to ensure you don’t face any issues while seeing the Spotify Wrapped.

Part 3. How to Save Spotify-Wrapped Music for Offline Listen?

Downloading the Spotify Wrapped music for offline listening is possible courtesy of the Musify Spotify onverter. It is a remarkable downloader that enables you to download Spotify to MP3 320kbps without affecting the sound quality of the audio.

Musify – All-in-1 Music Downloader

✨User friendly and easy to use.
✨Retains the metadata information and ID3.
✨Allows you to convert Spotify to WAV in lossless quality.
✨10x faster converting speed saves a lot of time.
✨Supports 8 most popular audio formats, including MP3, M4A, FLAC, and etc.

On top of that, the Musify Spotify Converter also allows you to download multiple Spotify songs simultaneously, retaining the metadata information and ID3 tags.

📖How to save the Spotify Wrapped music for offline listening.

Step 1 Start the Musify Spotify Converter and select the Preference button. Now, you can select the MP3 as the destination audio format.

Musify Setting Panel

Step 2 Navigate to Spotify Web Player and copy the URL of the Spotify Wrapped music you’d like to download.

Spotify Copy URL

Step 3 Paste the URL address into the interface of the Musify Spotify Converter, and doing so will help you download the Spotify music files.

Musify Downloading

Final Words

People facing the issue of accessing Spotify Wrapped 2023 can look at the solutions listed in this post. We have recommended some mind blowing methods to ensure that you can access the Spotify Wrapped feature without putting in any extra effort.

Musify is the most recommended tool when it comes to downloading Spotify Wrapped music for offline listening.

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