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6 Ways to Fix Spotify AI DJ Not Showing Up

By Ivan Davis Last Update:2023-12-19
Category: Spotify

Spotify AI DJ Not Showing Up

In a world full of music streaming opportunities, Spotify remains one of the standout music platforms. The arrival of the AI DJ feature has surely elevated the experience of listening to amazing Spotify music.

Unfortunately, many people have complained about facing the Spotify AI DJ not showing up issue. Regardless of the causes behind this issue, we’ll reveal the excellent solutions to this process. Dig into this guide to get all the useful information.

Part 1. What is Spotify AI DJ

Spotify AI DJ is a brilliant feature powered by Spotify that relies upon AI powered technology to improve the music listening experience of the users. The innovative and creative feature serves you like a personality’s AI guide, tailored to your unique preferences, operating as the DJ right in your pocket.

The feature was introduced in February 2023 and has been made in multiple regions, including the UK, Canada, and USA. The best thing about the AI DJ feature is that it tends to understand the music preferences and tastes brilliantly. It comes up with a music lineup that includes the new and old music tracks you’ve listened to.

Part 2. Why is Spotify DJ Not Showing Up

There could be the following reasons causing the Spotify DJ feature not showing up issue.

  • If the Spotify AI DJ feature isn’t available on your counter or region, you won’t be able to use it.
  • Using the outdated Spotify app might also prevent you from using the Spotify AI DJ feature appropriately.
  • If you don’t enable the AI DJ feature in the Spotify account settings, you’re bound to face the AI DJ not showing up Spotify issue.

Part 3. How to Fix Spotify DJ Feature Not Showing Up

Way 1.Check the Region Support

To fix the Spotify DJ not showing up the first thing you’ll need to do is to check whether Spotify has released the AI DJ feature in your region or not. Only people living in countries like Ireland, the UK, Canada, or the USA can explore the AI DJ feature. You won’t be able to use the AI DJ provided you’re using the outdated Spotify. Hence, you’ll need to update the Spotify app whenever the new update becomes available. Right now, Spotify AI DJ is available for 50 Markets.

🖥️Desktop users:

Start the Spotify app and press the three dot button afterwards. Select the Help button and hit the About Spotify icon. If the new update is available there, the blue banner will appear, prompting you to restart the Spotify app to save the changes.

📱Mobile users:

Navigate to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and find the Spotify app afterward. Click on the Update button to install the new Spotify update.

Way 2.Enable Spotify Premium

If you’re using Spotify without getting the premium package, you’ll indeed face the Spotify DJ feature not showing up issue, as Spotify doesn’t allow free users to explore this particular feature. Hence, you’ll need to upgrade the account to the premium. To do it, you’ll need to press the profile button and choose the upgrade to Premium icon afterward.

Way 3.Restart the Spotify App

Despite trying a few things, if Spotify AI DJ not showing up, there could be a software bug causing the whole chaos. Hence, you’ll need to restart the Spotify app to avoid facing the issue you’re currently having. Quit the Spotify app and then start the Spotify app again to see how it pans out.

Way 4.Device compatibility

You need to ensure that your mobile device supports the AI DJ feature. Some old Android or iOS devices don’t support the AI DJ feature and end up facing the issue you’re having.

Way 5. Clear Data and Cache

Unnecessary data and cache of Spotify might also prompt the Spotify DJ not showing up issue. Hence, you’ll need to remove the unnecessary cache or data from Spotify to resolve the issue you’re struggling with.

Way 6.Reinstall the App

Deleting the Spotify app and then installing it again might assist you in using the AI DJ feature. You can visit the App Store or Play Store to eliminate the Spotify app and then you can install it again from there as well.

Part 4. Bonus Tip: How to Download Spotify Playlists to MP3

If you’re looking to download Spotify playlists in lossless quality, there won’t be a better tool than Musify Spotify Converter. It is one of the best Spotify music converters that empowers you to grab Spotify music to MP3, WAV, or other 8+ audio formats, also retaining the metadata and ID tags effortlessly.

Musify Spotify Converter

Another thing to ponder about Musify Spotify Converter is that it offers the 10x faster conversion speed and downloading the multiple Spotify songs simultaneously is also fairly simple.

Learning how to download Spotify playlists to mp3.

Step 1 Download and install the right version of Musify Spotify Converter.

40,000,000+ Downloads
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Step 2 Start the Musify Spotify Converter after getting it installed and click on the Preferences button afterward. Next, you’ll need to choose the preferred audio format. In this case, MP3 will be the output formats.

Musify Setting Panel

Step 3 Jump into the Online section and turn on Spotify web player. Aftere login to your account, navigate to the playlists you’d like to download. Next, you’ll need to click on the Share button and copy the URL address of the Spotify playlists.

Musify Spotify Login

Step 4 Back to Download section and click the Paste URL button. Doing so will initiate downloading the preferred Spotify playlists for you.

Musify Spotify Downloading


Dealing with the Spotify AI DJ not showing up issue isn’t a good sign. Fortunately, you can take notes from this post to tackle the issue and make the Spotify AI DJ feature work again.

We have also highlighted the Musify Spotify Converter as the best tool to download Spotify playlists in lossless quality. Apart from offering an intuitive user interface, Musify helps you retain the metadata information and ID3 tags so the managment of music library will be much easier.

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