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Download Top 10 Songs of Christmas to MP3

By Ivan Davis Last Update:2023-12-25
Category: Spotify

Top 10 Christmas Songs on Spotify

Christmas, as one of the biggest festival, is impossible to be ignored. People from all around world will celebrate for the holiday. No matter you are on the street or sitting at home and watching TV, you will hear a holiday song playing. There are so many wonderful Christmas songs, such as the classic song like ‘All I want Christmas Is You’ by Mariah Carey. In this article, we will show you the best 10 Christmas Songs on Spotify and how to save them as MP3 files, so you can improve the music experience without violating copyright law.

Part 1. Enjoy Top 10 Songs for Christmas on Spotify

In the part, we will show you top 10 Christmas Songs on Spotify. You can check which is you favorate song with the trial tracks.

Top 1. Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree(1958)

Bubbly teen Brenda Lee (aged 13!) ignites a rockabilly Christmas frenzy in this playful jingle. Jingle bells jangle, snow falls like popcorn, and feet can’t help but rock around the twinkling tree, spreading contagious holiday cheer with every “ho ho ho”!

Top 2. All I Want Christmas Is You(1994)

Mariah Carey unleashes a vocal blizzard of desire in this modern Christmas anthem. Soaring high notes, playful whispers, and sleigh-bell accents paint a picture of longing for one wish under the mistletoe: to be wrapped in the arms of your true love on Christmas morn. Prepare for earworms and unabashed holiday romance!

Top 3. Jingle Bell Rock(1957)

Put on your blue suede shoes and shimmy on over to this rockin’ yuletide party! Bobby Helms’ infectious twang blends with driving drums and playful sleigh bells, turning the traditional “Jingle Bells” into a foot-stompin’ invitation to “jingle hop” the night away. Don your jingle bell skirt and shake off the winter chill to the rhythm of this holiday classic!

Top 4. Last Christmas(1986)

Underneath the shimmering snow of nostalgia, “Last Christmas” hides a bittersweet ache. George Michael’s melancholic croon recounts a chance encounter with a past flame, stirring memories of unrequited love and missed kisses under the mistletoe. The upbeat tempo and sleigh bells mask a yearning for a Christmas where that someone special finally walks through the door. Is it a lament or a hopeful wish? You decide, as the final notes echo with a lingering question of “next year…”

Top 5. Santa Tell Me(2014)

Wrapped in shimmering strings and sugar-coated vocals, Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me” is a modern Christmas ballad with a twist. Playful innocence dances with cautious vulnerability as Ariana pleads with Santa to reveal the true intentions of a charming holiday fling. Will it be lasting love or a fleeting spark? Underneath the mistletoe and twinkling lights, a girl begs for the ultimate Christmas gift: certainty and a love that won’t melt away come New Year’s Day.

Top 6. It Is Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas(2011)

Michael Bublé’s smooth croon melts your heart like hot cocoa on a snowy day. This modern take on the classic carol captures the joy of anticipation with a sprinkle of cool jazz. Bublé paints a picture of bustling streets adorned with twinkle lights, homes abuzz with festive preparations, and the air alive with the infectious hum of the season. It’s a nostalgic sigh, a warm embrace, and a sparkling reminder that Christmas magic unfolds not just outside, but right here, right now. So grab your loved ones, crank up the tunes, and let the Bublé-approved Christmas cheer begin!

Top 7. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!(1945)

Forget the chill outside, grab some popcorn and a loved one close! Dean Martin’s smooth croon melts the winter blues with this playful ode to cozy nights by the crackling fire. Outside, the world may be a blizzard, but inside, love ignites under the soft glow of Christmas lights. With each “let it snow,” Dean invites you to snuggle deeper, lose yourself in a warm embrace, and let the magic of Christmas unfold.

Top 8. Winter Wonderland – Spotify Singles Holiday(2023)

Icelandic songstress Laufey reimagines this holiday classic with a dreamy, minimalist touch. Gone are the boisterous bells and upbeat tempo. Instead, Laufey’s ethereal vocals float over gentle piano chords, weaving a spell of quiet reflection as snowflakes fall and lovebirds stroll hand-in-hand through a hushed, moonlit wonderland. This is a Winter Wonderland steeped in melancholy beauty, urging you to slow down, savor the silence, and find magic in the hushed moments of the season.

Top 9. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year(1963)

Don your loudest holiday sweater and grab a mug of cocoa! Andy Williams’ joyous jingle bursts with childlike glee, painting a vibrant picture of a season brimming with cheer. Children’s laughter mingles with carols in the crisp air, homes glow with warm light, and hearts brim with the promise of festive gatherings and shared good times. Buckle up for a sleigh ride of nostalgia and pure, unadulterated holiday spirit!

Top 10. Underneath The Tree(2013)

With her signature powerhouse vocals, Kelly Clarkson redefines the meaning of “presents” in this upbeat Christmas anthem. Forget ribbons and bows, the only gift she craves is the warmth of loved ones gathered around the twinkling tree. This Wall of Sound production explodes with sleigh bells and joy, celebrating the simple magic of togetherness, laughter, and shared moments that are the true treasures of the season. So grab your loved ones, crank up the tunes, and dance around the tree because, for Kelly Clarkson, the greatest gift is found “underneath the tree” of love and connection.

Part 2. Save the 10 Best Christmas Songs from Spotify to MP3

Right now, you have known Top 10 Songs for Christmas. You can download the favorate one in Spotify. However, Spoitfy requires you to subscribe the Premium account to download music for offline listening. Also, all saved songs can only be played on the device you have downloaded. In order to get the Christmas music withoud break the copyright rules and play them on multiple devices, you have to download songs from Spotify as the MP3 files.

Musify Spotify Converter

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From Mariah’s yearning desires to Bublé’s warm embrace, these Christmas classics paint a vibrant tapestry of longing, joy, and togetherness. Whether dancing under twinkling lights or swaying by the crackling fire, each song ignites a spark of holiday magic, reminding us that the greatest gifts are found in the simple moments and shared dreams of the season.

With Musify, you can save these classic Christmas music to listen not only on Spotify app but also play on multiple devices. In order to improve your music experience, the excellent Spotify music converter can keep the original quality without DRM protection.

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