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6 Tested YouTube to AAC Converter [Free&Paid]

By Ivan Davis Last Update:2024-02-27
Category: Music

YouTube stands as one of the foremost streaming platforms globally, offering a vast array of content for exploration. Users can delve into diverse interests, unwind, and relish videos and music. With the YouTube premium package, content can be saved for offline playback. Yet, what if you lack a premium account but desire to download content for offline enjoyment? This article will delineate 3 efficient methods to convert YouTube to AAC across desktop, online platforms, and Android phones, catering to your needs.

What is AAC Audio Format?

AAC stands for Advanced Audio Coding, which is a widely used compressing digital audio format. It is similar to MP3 but is more efficient audio format for better sound quality at the same file size. AAC is used for various places like Apple Music and YouTube, which can be played on many devices and platforms. Overall, AAC is a popular format for balancing good sound quality with smaller file sizes, making it ideal for streaming and portable devices.

Best YouTube to AAC Converter Desktop

Musify YouTube Converter is the best YouTube to AAC converter after testing numerous desktop tools. With Musify, it is able to convert YouTube to AAC 320 kbps without losing any audio quality. In addition to AAC, Musify can also save YouTube content as MP3, WAV, AIFF, etc. It also allows you to download YouTube playlists and channels at the same time, and a 10x faster download speed will save precious time.

Musify can not only be the YouTube to AAC audio converter but also Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.

📖How to convert YouTube to AAC with Musify

Step 1 Download and install the right version of Musify. It supports Windows and macOS versions.

40,000,000+ Downloads
20,000,000+ Downloads

Step 2 After launching Musify, turn on the Setting panel and you can select the Format to AAC, and Quality to 320kb/s. You can also set the download destination path.

Musify Setting Panel

Step 3 Now, you can go to YouTube in the built-in browser or another favorite browser. Find the video or music you want to download, and ‘copy the link’ of the content.

Copy YouTube URL

Step 4 Back to Musify, paste the URL by clicking ‘Paste URL’. Once the URL analysis is done, the download process will start.

Musify Spotify Downloading

Step 5 When the download is finished, you can access the downloaded files in the ‘Downloaded’ section.

Musify Spotify Downloaded

YouTube to AAC Converter Online Free

Online YouTube converters are free to use on all platforms, such as laptops, desktops, iPhones, and Android phones, as long as you have a browser. The advantage of all online converters is no installation requirements; but, some online converters may pop up some annoying ads and only support MP3 or WAV audio formats. In this part, 3 excellent YouTube to AAC converters online are listed with brief guides to show you how to use them.

The first online YouTube to AAC converter is 4kdownload since it can support more than 10 audio formats. Besides an audio converter, it allows to conversion of YouTube videos to MP4 and WEBM formats. 4kdownload will keep the name of the video while downloading. However, there are so many ads that pop up once you click on the website.

📖How to convert YouTube to AAC online

Step 1: Go to the YouTube website, and find the video you want to convert. Then copy the link to the video from the URL box.

Step 2: Go to, copy the link and select the format to AAC.

Step 3: By clicking on the ‘Download’ button, the online YouTube to AAC converter will start analyzing the link (Note: You may redirect to another ads page, please turn it off.)

4kdownload YouTube to AAC

Step 4: Now you can click the ‘Download’ button beside the song to start downloading.

4kdownload download YouTube

Another YouTube to AAC audio converter online is Although it has only 4 output audio formats, including MP3, OGG, AAC, and WMA, you can set the bitrate up to 320kb/s of the audio files, which improves your music experience with high sound quality. And the most important thing is there are no ads showing during the downloading.

📖How to convert YouTube to AAC 320 kbps

Step 1: Search for the video or audio on the YouTube site, and copy the link of the content. (Playlist link will be causing a problem to download.)

Step 2: Paste the link into the file box of

Step 3: Select the output audio format to AAC and set the bitrate to 320k.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Convert File’ button to get the song downloaded.

anything2mp3 YouTube to AAC 320kbps

Last but not least, is another online YouTube converter. The clean and simple user interface makes downloading more easier and comprehensive. Like Anything2mp3, there is no advertisement either in this online tool. Moreover, the number of formats supported is over 18, so it will serve all your purposes. Unlike Anything2mp3 and 4kdownload, you can set the bitrate and keep the song information during the downloading process.

📖How to convert YouTube to AAC easily

Step 1: Find the YouTube video to convert, then copy the URL.

motionbox YouTube to AAC

Step 2: Paste the link to start analyzing the YouTube video.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Three Dots’ and select the ‘Download’.

Motionbox YouTube download

YouTube to AAC Converter on Android

If you would like to find a YouTube to AAC converter app on Android OS, YT Saver for Android will be the best choice for you. Even though you can save YouTube videos by using the online tools listed above, all of them do not support converting YouTube playlists at the same time. It also supports converting YouTube to AAC 320 kbps and keeps all ID3 information after the downloading.

📖How to convert YouTube to AAC on Android

Step 1: After opening the YT Saver App, you can hit the YouTube icon to enter the YouTube site. Search for the video on YouTube.

Step 2: Once you find the target video, you can play it on the built-in browser. Then you will see a Download button at the right-bottom corner.

Step 3: By clicking the ‘Download’ button, you will need to set the audio format to AAC and quality to 320 kbps.

YT Saver for Android

Step 4: Hit the ‘OK’ button to download the YouTube files.


AAC vs. MP3, which is better?

The better format depends on your specific needs and priorities. Here are the aspects you need to consider:

Aspects AAC MP3
Audio quality: Generally considered better than MP3 at the same bit rate, especially at lower bit rates (below 128 kbps). May sound slightly muffled or muddy compared to AAC at lower bit rates, but can be indistinguishable at higher bit rates (128 kbps and above).
File size: Typically offers similar file sizes to MP3 for the same audio quality.
Compatibility: Becoming increasingly common, but may not be universally supported like MP3. More widely supported by older devices and non-Apple platforms like some car stereos and MP3 players.
Streaming: Widely used by streaming services like YouTube and Apple Music.
Overall: For higher audio quality at similar file sizes, AAC is generally the better choice. If compatibility is a major concern and you’re dealing with older devices, MP3 might be the safer option.

How to Convert YT to AAC format?

There are 3 ways explained above. The best YouTube to AAC converter is Musify YouTube Converter, you can skip to the part 1 to see how to convert YT to AAC format with Musify.


So far, you should have a clear understanding of YouTube to AAC converters. Picking the perfect YouTube to AAC converter depends on your needs. While online tools are free and convenient, dedicated apps like Musify often offer more features and control. This guide has explored several tested methods, like online tools, desktop software, and Android App, to help you choose the converter that best suits your requirements for converting YouTube to AAC audio.

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