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Want to Play Apple Music on Tesla? 3 Easy Ways for You!

By Ivan Davis Last Update:2023-12-25
Category: Apple Music

After getting integrated with Tidal and Spotify, Tesla has joined hands with Apple Music. The process of playing Apple music to Tesla is fairly smooth, as accessing it and playing it is easier than you think. Many people ask us about adding Apple Music to Tesla, and luckily, this guide will be helpful in this regard.

Part 1. How to Add Apple Music in Tesla?

Tesla has an impressive music player that assists you in playing Apple Music effortlessly. You can rely on voice commands and controls while listening to Apple Music on the Tesla.

Tesla Apple Music App

📖Here’s how to add the Apple music on Tesla.

💡Step 1: Connect the Tesla to the internet and ensure that the new version of Tesla software is installed to explore the Apple music integration. You can update the Tesla software by navigating to the Software button and selecting the Software Update icon.

💡Step 2: After visiting the Tesla infotainment system, press the car icon on the touchscreen display’s bottom side.

💡Step 3: Select the Media icon so you can manage the media and audio sources, including Apple Music.

💡Step 4: Now, you can see that Apple Music is present as a media source. You’ll see the QR code after citing the media menu and choosing Apple Music.

💡Step 5: Start the camera app after taking out the iPhone. Scan the QR code after using the camera, and you can see the Tesla display on the screen. Next, you’ll need to log in with the Apple ID credentials, and then you’ll be able to see the touchscreen display. Now, you can start playing Apple music on Tesla.


Doesn’t support the Dolby Atmos and Lossless Atmos.
You can’t play the Apple Music explicit content on Tesla Music.
Tesla and Apple Music integration don’t help you download the songs.


Apple Music might skip important songs when you’re using the Shuffle mode.
You need to choose Apple Music as your media source from scratch when you return to the Tesla.
Apple Music comes up with a less attractive user interface than other streaming music platforms.
You can play the limited songs in the Shuffle Mode.

Part 2. How to Play Apple Music on Tesla by Bluetooth

Since the Tesla comes with a brilliant sound system, you can easily play Apple Music on Tesla through Bluetooth.

📖Here’s how to listen to Apple music on Tesla through Bluetooth.

💡Step 1: Enable the Bluetooth on the phone and Tesla.

💡Step 2: Select the Add New Device from the Tesla screen and click on the START SEARCH.

Tesla Pair Bluetooth

💡Step 3: When you see the phone name on the screen, pair it after clicking on it.

Tesla Bluetooth Settings

Part 3. How to Play Apple Music on Tesla with USB Drive

Since Apple Music comes with DRM, you can’t use the USB to add Apple Music directly to Tesla. Instead, converting protected Apple Music to MP3 is necessary to transfer the songs to the USB. Here, you can access the amazing Apple music converter in the shape of Musify.

Musify Apple Music Converter

It can transform Apple music into the most popular audio formats, including MP3, FLAC, AAC, etc. After downloading the songs, you can put them into the USB before playing them on the Tesla. The thing to like about Musify Apple Music converter is that it saves the songs in original quality, offering a 10x faster downloading speed.

📖How to convert Apple Music to MP3 via Musify?

Step 1 Navigate to the Musify Spotify Converter’s official webpage , download and install the software afterwards.

Step 2 Launch the program and click on the Preference icon. Now, you can choose the preferred audio format.

Musify Setting Panel

Step 3 Log in with Apple Music in the built-in feature of Musify Apple Music Converter and select the songs you’d like to download. Copy the URL of the songs you want to convert into any audio format.

Musify Apple Music Login

Step 4 Paste the URL address into Musify Apple Music Converter’s timeline, and that’s all you need to download Apple Music.

Musify Downloading

📖Transferring the Apple Music to Tesla through USB

Once the Apple Music songs are downloaded, you can put them into the USB to serve your purpose.

Tesla USB Location

💡Step 1: Plug the USB to the computer and copy and paste all the Apple music files into the USB.

💡Step 2: After disconnecting the USB from the computer, you’ll need to plug it into the touchscreen of the Tesla.

💡Step 3: Now, you can play Apple music on a Tesla through USB.

Part 4. FAQs about Apple Music Tesla

1. Does Tesla have Apple Music?
Tesla is now integrated with Apple Music, and you can effortlessly connect Apple Music to Tesla. You can review the guide in Part 1 to add Apple Music to Tesla.
2. Why is Tesla Apple Music Not Working
If you’re facing Apple Music not working in Tesla, there could be multiple reasons behind this issue. For instance, you need to install the up-to-date version of the Tesla and Apple Music apps to play Apple Music on Tesla appropriately.
An unstable internet connection or irrelevant cache on Apple Music might also prevent you from playing Apple Music on Tesla.
3. Can I Play Apple Music on Tesla with Apple CarPlay?
Tesla doesn’t support Apple Carplay, but you can use the hardware to acquire Tesla’s services on Carplay. The three outstanding methods to play Apple Music on Tesla with CarPlay can be seen above.

Final Words

The integration of Apple Music and Tesla has made huge headlines worldwide. You can use the official way or Bluetooth to play Apple music on Tesla effortlessly. However, suppose you want to enjoy listening to Apple music on Tesla without mobile data.

In that case, you can use Musify Apple Music Converter to download the Apple songs in various audio formats. After downloading the songs, you can add Apple Music to Tesla through USB.

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