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How to Play Apple Music on Chromebook

By Ivan Davis Last Update:2024-01-29
Category: Apple Music

When you stream Apple music on a Chromebook, opting for the Apps Music web player or containing the Apple app on your Chrome OS for Apple music listening is the most suitable way for Apple Music subscribers.

However, it might happen that your Apple Music subscription has expired, preventing you from keeping all the songs on Chrome courtesy of the DRM protection. Whether you’re a free Apple user or a subscriber looking to play Apple music on a Chromebook, you can dive into this post to explore the wonderful ways to enjoy listening to Apple music on a Chromebook.

How to download Apple Music on Chromebook

Apple Music introduced the Android app some time ago, and after the new update, the app now supports the Chromebook. You can install the native Music app after visiting the Play Store and then start playing Apple Music on the Chromebook.

If you’re an Apple music fan and use the music app on the Apple device, you can revamp the browse tab on your Chrome OS and Android.

Here’s how to add the Apple Music app on the Chromebook before downloading the Apple Music.

💡Step 1: Navigate to the Google Play Store on the Chromebook. After visiting the corner of the screen, you’ll need to choose the Launcher icon to begin the proceedings. Click on the Google Play Store button to launch it afterward.

💡Step 2: Browse all the apps on the Google Play Store. You can type in the Apple Music icon in the search box, and after a few moments, you’ll be able to find the app there.

💡Step 3: Navigate to the Apple Music app and choose the Install icon to get the Apple Music installed.

💡Step 4: After installing the app, you can access it on the Chromebook. Click the Launcher or Search key button on the keyboard before entering and finding the Apple music. Next, you’ll need to enter the Apple ID credentials, and then you’re ready to play any songs you’d like.

💡Step 5: You must enter the music library afterward since you aim to download the Apple music files. Next, you’ll need to select the music files and playlists of podcasts you want to download and press the Download button. This way, you can download Apple Music for offline listening.

Get Apple music on Chromebook


Remember that only Apple Music subscribers can download the music for offline listening, as free Apple music users don’t enjoy this service.

How to listen to Apple Music on Chromebook with Web Player

If you aren’t happy with the Apple Music native app on the Chromebook and would like to listen to Apple Music on the Chromebook, you can use Apple Music Web Player.

Opting for this means you don’t have to install any app to listen to Apple Music, as you can continue listening to the amazing Apple Music songs by visiting the official website of Apple Music.

Although free users can also access the Apple Music web player, it is notable that the web player proves to be more stable for Apple Music subscribers.

Here’s how to listen to Apple music on a Chromebook through a web player.

💡Step 1: Launch the Chrome on the Chromebook and navigate to the official webpage of the Apple Music. Doing so will help you enter the Apple music web player’s timeline.

💡Step 2: After visiting the top right corner, tap the Sign In icon and log in with the Apple ID credentials to authorize the device.

💡Step 3: Now, you can visit the library before streaming the Apple music content. This way, you’ll be able to start enjoying the amazing Apple music.

Apple Music Web Player on Chromebook

How to Play Apple Music on Chromebook

If you aim to play Apple music on Chromebook, the most suitable way is to download the Apple music as local files. With Musify Apple Music Converter, you’ve got the luxury of converting Apple music into popular audio formats as it doesn’t affect the sound quality, retaining the original audio quality.

Musify Apple Music Converter

It prompts a fast downloading speed and lets you download multiple Apple music files simultaneously. On top of that, Musify Apple Music converter comes up with an affordable premium package, and you can explore its fascinating free trial version.

Here’s how to download Apple Music via Musify Apple Music Converter.

Step 1 Launch the Musify and click on the Preferences button and select the desired audio format. You can also adjust other parameters to ensure you don’t face any issues while downloading the Apple music.

Musify Setting Panel

Step 2 Log in with the Apple account credentials into the built-in Apple Music app within Musify Apple Music Converter. Next, you’ll need to select the songs you’d like to convert and copy the URL address of that song.

Musify Spotify Login

Step 3 Return to the Paste window and enter the URL address there. Musify begins analyzing the URL address and will help you download the music after a few moments.

Musify Downloading


If you’ve purchased the Chromebook recently and would love to play Apple music on Chromebook, you’ve come into the right place. We have listed the brilliant ways to help you download and listen to Apple music on your Chromebook.

With these solutions, you can have a great time listening to Apple music in original sound quality on a Chromebook. Musify Apple Music downloader is the best way to play Apple Music songs on a Chromebook.

Apart from keeping all the information intact, Musify empowers you to download Apple music in lossless quality, supporting the download of music in various audio formats.

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