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3 Ways to Play Apple Music on PS4

By Ivan Davis Last Update:2023-12-29
Category: Apple Music

According to Sony, Apple Music is on all Play Station 5 console, and users can get up to 6 months free Apple Music.

However, there is no official way to play Apple Music on Play Station 4, which is a shame for PS4 players. A question from Reddit asks that if it is possible to get Apple Music on PS4.

Unfortunately, playing Apple music on PS4 directly seems like a difficult job. Luckily, we’ve got you covered in this post, and we’ll reveal the terrific ways to help you play Apple music on MP4.

Part 1. Can you get Apple Music on PS4?

The short answer is Yes. Apple Music has acquired a massive fan following across the globe courtesy of its curated playlist, exclusive content, and songs. While PS5 users have the credentials to play the Apple music on the game console, unfortunately, PS4 doesn’t come up with that type of opportunity. Hence, it is proven that playing Apple Music on PS4 manually isn’t simple, but we’ll introduce the commendable ways below to put things in order.

Part 2. Best Method to Play Apple Music for PS4 with USB Drive

To play Apple Music PS4, eliminating the DRM protection from Apple Music is necessary. Musify Apple Music Converter is handy for removing the Digital Rights Management protection from Apple songs and downloading them in various audio formats.

Musify Apple Music Converter

With an opportunity to download Apple music in lossless quality, Musify Apple Music Converter helps you instantly convert Apple songs, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Retaining the metadata information of the Apple Music file will be fine for Musify Apple Music Converter as it gets your job done in a few clicks.

How to convert Apple music through Musify Apple Music Converter

Step 1 Jump into the official site of Musify, then download and install the software. After opening the software, press on the Preferences button and select the desired audio format.

Musify Setting Panel

Step 2 Navigate to the built-in Apple Music Web Player and enter the Apple Music credentials. Next, you’ll need to copy the URL address of the Apple music you’d like to download.

Musify Apple Music Login

Step 3 After going straight into Musify Apple Music Converter, you’ll need to Paste the URL address and let Musify download the Apple Music.

Copy Apple Music URL

Step 4 After going straight into Musify Apple Music Converter, you’ll need to Paste the URL address and let Musify download the Apple Music.

Musify Downloading

Plugging the USB to PS4

After converting Apple music to MP3 format, you can transfer MP3 files to your USB drive. Then, you must plug your USB drive into the PS4. Choose the Library icon in your PS4 content area before choosing the USB Music Player. Now, you can see the converted songs playlist and then navigate to the PS4 interface via the PS4 controller. Click on the X button to start playing the Apple music on PS4.

USB Music Player on PS4

Part 3. Play Apple Music on PS4 with Apple Music Web Player

Another way to play Apple Music for PS4 is through the Apple Music Web Player. You can listen to Apple Music on the PS4 via Web Player, permitting the internet connection to be stable. However, the web browser of the PS4 offers limited functionality and won’t support the Apple Music Web app.

Moreover, the audio quality might also become a concern for you, and you can’t explore all the features of Apple Music this way.

📖Here’s how to play Apple Music on PS4 via Apple Music Web Player.

💡Step 1: Launch the Internet Explorer on the PS4 homepage before searching for the Apple Music Web player.

💡Step 2: Enter the Apple ID credentials, and once you’ve logged in to the Apple account, you can then see the Apple music library there.

💡Step 3: After browsing through the artists and songs via PS4 controller, you’ll need to tap the Play button to begin playing the Apple music on PlayStation 4.

Part 4. How to Play Apple Music on PS4 via DLNA

Another reliable way to play Apple music on the media player of the PS4 is the DLNA Media server. It works via DLNA devices to send media files like videos, music, and other files to different devices in less time.

You’ll need to maintain a fast internet connection to play Apple music on the PS4. If you’re a newbie, setting up the DLNA Media server on the network or computer is paramount. This way, you’ll be able to stream the Apple music content to the PS4 via the media player of the PS4.

📖Here’s how to listen to Apple Music on PS4 through DLNA Media Server.

💡Step 1: Navigate to the App Store and search for the DLNA server app, iMediaShare. After installing the app, you’ll need to set it up. You can explore more options, including the Emby, Universal Media Server, or Plex.

💡Step 2: If the DLNA enables you to add the music from the Apple Music, you’ll need to add the Apple music files to the library of media servers, including the Plex.

💡Step 3: Navigate to the PS4 and visit the main menu afterward. Launch the Media Player and press on the Playstation Store. Next, click on the Apps and Catalog before starting the Media Player App.

💡Step 4: To proceed, you’ll need to ensure that PS4 and iPhone are connected to the same network. You can now follow the on-screen instructions to connect the DLNA Media server to the iPhone.
After connecting with the DLNA Media Server, you can browse the library and briefly play the preferred Apple music.

Media Player on PS4


In this post, we have listed the terrific methods to help you play Apple music on PS4. Apart from playing Apple music on PS4 via Apple Music Web Player, you can rely on the DLNA to enjoy listening to the Apple while playing the game on the PS4. You can add Apple Music to PS4 via USB Music Played courtesy of Musify Apple Music Converter.

This immaculate tool lets you download Apple music first and then add the downloaded songs to PS4 via USB. On top of that, Musify helps you to download music files without doing anything to sound quality, making it the best Apple music downloader.

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