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How to Check Apple Music ‘Recently Played’ Playlist and Delete It [2024]

By Ivan Davis Last Update:2024-01-02
Category: Apple Music

Apple Music allows users to share some songs that you are listening to with friends. One way is share the song you have liked in your favorate playlist, and there is another quick way is to check the Apple Music Recently Played and share with your friends. It’s really easy althought Apple Music has removed the ‘Recently Played’ playlist forever. In this post, 3 ways will be shown to check recently played Apple Music.

How to See Recently Played Songs on Apple Music

To access recently played Apple Music, it will be easilly to check the History section. Then, it is up to you to clear them or not.

For Mobile Users:

💡Step 1: Turn on the Apple Music app on your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone.

💡Step 2: Randomly select a song and play it. Turn on the main playing screen at the bottom.

💡Step 3: At the playing screen, you can find there is a ‘playlist‘ button at the bottom.

💡Step 4: After clicking the ‘Playlist‘ button, you will need to simply scroll down the screen. Then, you will find the History.

Find Apple Music History on iOS

For Desktop Users:

It will be a slightly diference between Mac and Windows since iTunes is only compatible with Windows right now. And Apple Music is compatble with latest macOS.

For Mac Users:

💡Step 1: Launch the Apple Music on your macOS devices.

💡Step 2: There is a Playlist button at the top-right corner.

💡Step 3: By clicking the button, you will find recently played history.

For Windows Users:

💡Step 1: Open iTunes on your Windows devices.

💡Step 2: Heading to the music section in iTunes.

💡Step 3: Click on the ‘Playlist‘ button and select the ‘History‘.

💡Step 4: Now, you can access the recently played on Apple Music.

See Recently Played Apple Music on iTunes


If you still can’t find the rencently played in your Apple Music app, it is because you haven’t played any music in Apple Music yet or you have already cleared your Apple Music history.

How to Clear Recently Played on Apple Music

You have known how to see recently played on Apple Music, deleting your Apple Music history will be pretty easy to do. You can either choose to clear single history from the recently played playlist or clear all the Apple Music history.

For Mobile Users:

How to delete recently played song:

💡Step 1: Turn on Apple Music on your mobile devices, go to Music > Playing Screen > Playlist button.

💡Step 2: Scroll down to access Apple Music history.

💡Step 3: Select the recently played song that you would like to remove. Swipe right to see the ‘Remove‘ button.

💡Step 4: By clicking the ‘Remove‘ button, the song will be removed from Apple Music history.

Remove Apple Music Recently Played Song

How to clear recently played history entirely:

💡Step 1: Find the Apple Music history use the same way above.

💡Step 2: Click the ‘Clear‘ button to clear all the recently played history.

Remove Apple Music Recently Played

For Desktop Users:

How to delete recently played song:

💡Step 1: Open the iTunes/Apple Music on your Windows/macOS, go to Playlist > History.

💡Step 2: Right-click the song you want to delete from Apple Music history.

💡Step 3: You can remove the song by click the first button.

Delete Recently Played Apple Music

How to clear recently played history entirely:

💡Step 1: Using the same way to access Apple Music history on Windows or macOS.

💡Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom of the history, click the ‘Clear‘ button.

💡Step 3: All the played history will be removed.

Clear Recently Played History

Recently Played Not Updating on Apple Music

Sometimes, there will be an error that Apple Music Recent Played list will be not updating by unexpected reason. You can try the methods below to get recently played back.

1. Update your devices to the latest version

iPhone users:

💡Step 1: Go to Setings > General > Software Update to check if there is the newest version available.

💡Step 2: Turn on the automatice updates. You can find it with Setting > General > Software Update > Automatice Updates.

💡Step 3: Click the Download iOS Updates button to Install iOS Updates. You should install the Updates with enough battery.

Mac users:

💡Step 1: Go to Apple Menu > System Settings > General > Software Update.

💡Step 2: You can click the Upgrade Now to install the latest version of macOS.

2.Restart the Apple Music app.

iPhone users:

💡Step 1: At the Home Page, swipping up to access all the running apps in the background.

💡Step 2: Find the Apple Music app and swipe it up to close it.

💡Step 3: Reopen it and see recently played list is updated.

Mac users:

💡Step 1: Turn on the Spotlight by press Command + Space, type Activity Monitor.

💡Step 2: After turning on the Activity Monitor, you can quit the Apple Music process.

💡Step 3: Relaunch the Apple Music app.

3.Relogin the Apple Music account.

iPhone users:

💡Step 1: Go to Settings > Your Account > iTunes & App Store > Sign Out.

💡Step 2: You can sign back the account.

Mac users:

💡Step 1: At the Apple Music app, you can go to Account > Sign Out.

💡Step 2: Afterwards, use Account > Sign In to sign back.

Bonus Tips: Convert Recently Played Apple Music to MP3

If you would like to save all your recently played Apple music for offline listening, Musify Apple Music Converter is the tool to do this work. One remarkable feature of Musify Apple Music Converter is to remove the DRM from Apple Music, so you can save the original quality audio files from Apple Music. In addtion, more than 8 popular audio formats are supported, which allows you to convert Apple Music to MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, etc.

Musify Apple Music Converter

For music lovers who owns a lot of playlists that want to save, 10x faster speed will shorten the converting process, which can save your precious time especially batch converting the playlist.


In conclusion, accessing your recently played tracks on Apple Music is a straightforward process that enhances user experience. The platform’s intuitive design allows users to effortlessly navigate and rediscover their favorite tunes. By following a few simple steps, users can stay connected to their music journey, leveraging the convenience of reviewing and replaying recently enjoyed songs. This feature not only adds a personalized touch to the Apple Music experience but also underscores the platform’s commitment to providing easy access to one’s musical history. Overall, the ability to see recently played tracks reflects Apple Music’s dedication to delivering a seamless and enjoyable listening experience.

Moreover, by using the Musify, it will help you save the recently played Apple Music to your computer forever. You also can play the Apple Music on multiple devices.

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