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Best 6 SoundCloud Downloader Chrome Extension You Should Know

By Ivan Davis Last Update:2024-03-27
Category: SoundCloud

With Chrome extensions you’ve got the leverage to address the issues flexibly and quickly. You can find the various plugins corresponding to SoundCloud on the Chrome store, including the SoundCloud Comments Sort, SoundCloud Dark Mode, SoundCloud Search, and more.

Can you find the SoundCloud downloader Chrome on? Luckily, you can download the SoundCloud music courtesy of the SoundCloud Chrome downloader, and we’ll reveal the 6 of them along with its brilliant alternative.

Top 6 SoundCloud to MP3 Chrome Extension

1. AddonCrop SoundCloud Downloader

Addon SoundCloud Downloader is a brilliant Chrome SoundCloud downloader extension that stimulates downloading the music in high sound quality. Although it is an opera plugin, running it on Google Chrome through the CrossPilot extension is possible.

To get this plugin installed, you’ll need to navigate to the AddonCrop SoundCloud Music Downloaded official website before installing the CrossPilot and giving the permission.

AddonCrop SoundCloud Downloader


  • Allows you to download individual tracks
  • Tends to save the ID3 tags
  • Explore the simple user interface


  • Not available in the Chrome Web Store

2. SoundCloud Downloader

Working on the auto detect plan, SoundCloud Downloader is a plugin that most take pride in using. After searching for this plugin in Google Chrome all you need to do is click on its icon to get it Installed. It only requires you to copy the URL address of the SoundCloud songs and then click on the Download button to convert the SoundCloud music to MP3 format.

SoundCloud to MP3


  • Convenient and easy accessible
  • Easy to use download
  • Powerful SoundCloud chrome downloader to grab the audio in terrific sound quality


  • Could become unstable at times

3. SoundCloud Download

Another vital SoundCloud downloader Chrome extension you can pay attention to is SoundCloud Download. It is a fairly simple extension that lets you convert the SoundCloud music effortlessly.

Apart from downloading the individual tracks, this plugin empowers you to download the playlists and multiple tracks. If you’re aiming to create the music album, this plugin can also download the song cover art images.

SoundCloud Download


  • Easy to use
  • Download the SoundCloud music in brilliant sound quality
  • No annoying ads


  • Might take some time to download the SoundCloud music

4. Soundloud-SoundCloud to MP3

With Soundloud, you’ve got the leverage to play, convert, and search for your favorite and most stunning music on Soundloud. This SoundCloud downloader Chrome allows you to save the downloaded SoundCloud music files in the best sound quality.

Although the plugin is too simple for many people’s liking, it is surely worth trying when it comes to downloading SoundCloud music.

Soundloud SoundCloud to MP3


  • Easy to access
  • No login required
  • Convert the SoundCloud music to MP3 audio format


  • Doesn’t come up with the advanced downloading attributes

5. SaveFromHelp

You will see multiple SoundCloud downloader Chrome extensions getting messed up with the viruses and ads, but the helper clearly has other ideas. With the SoundCloud Chrome downloader, you can download the music from the SoundCloud and various other platforms like Threads, Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube etc.

Upon getting into the extension’s official website, you’ll need to add it there, and then you’re all set to enjoy downloading the SoundCloud music.



  • Lets you download the songs from the 12 different websites
  • Download more than songs simultaneously
  • Easy to use


  • Compatibility issues

6. Soundcloud Download Button

As you can see by its name, the SoundCloud Download button prompts the button in its front page of the SoundCloud urging you to download the SoundCloud music without second invitation. After detecting the playlist in the M3U8 format, this SoundCloud downloader Chrome extension tends to play the downloaded files in media players like WMP, Songbird, iTunes, VLC, etc.

Since it has a small output size, the sound quality might lack the sauce and influence you must have been aiming for.

SoundCloud Download Button


  • Lets you download the SoundCloud to MP3 quickly
  • No ads or pop up
  • Easy to use


  • Lack high sound quality

Alternative to SoundCloud Downloader Chrome Extension

Opting for the SoundCloud downloader Chrome is an appropriate gig, but heading this way can affect the sound quality, and annoying ads there might also worsen your experience. In Musify Music Converter, you’ve found the perfect alternative to all the SoundCloud downloader extensions.

From allowing you to listen to music offline without paying even a penny to enabling you to search for the songs from the name on the folders courtesy of its ability to restore the metadata information and ID3, Musify has surely become the best tool.

It isn’t restricted to downloading SoundCloud music in MP3 audio format; it also helps you convert the SoundCloud music into FLAC, WAV, M4A, etc.

Musify – All-in-1 Music Downloader

✨User friendly and easy to use.
✨Retains the metadata information and ID3.
✨Allows you to convert Spotify to WAV in lossless quality.
✨10x faster converting speed saves a lot of time.
✨Supports 8 most popular audio formats, including MP3, M4A, FLAC, and etc.

How to Download the SoundCloud music through Musify

Step 1 Download and install Musify Music Converter and start the program afterwards. Tap the Preference button and select the MP3 as the destination audio format.

Musify Setting Panel

Step 2 Next, you’ll need to copy the URL address of the SoundCloud you wish to download.

Copy SoundCloud URL

Step 3 After copying the URL address of the selected SoundCloud music files, you’ll need to paste all of them in the search box and let the Musify analyze the URL address and start downloading.

Musify Downloading


Musify Music Converter edges past all the Google chrome extensions listed above and here’s the comparison table to justify it.

Features Quality Output formats Compatibility Added requirement
Musify Music Converter 320 kbps MP3, M4A, WAV, AAC and FLAC. Mac and Windows No
AddonCrop 256kbps MP3 Almost all browsers Install with CrossPilot
SoundCloud Downloader 256kbps MP3 Chrome and Firefox No
SoundCloud Download 256kbps MP3 Chrome NO
Soundload-SoundCloud to MP3 128kbps MP3 Chrome and Firefox NO
SaveFromHelp 256kbps MP3 Almost all browsers Install with Chameleon
Soundcloud Download Button 128kbps MP3, M3U8 Chrome only Install with userscript manager


1. What is the best SoundCloud Downloader Extension?

Choosing the best SoundCloud downloader Chrome extension depends upon your preference. Whether you’re aiming for the AddonCrop SoundCloud Downloader, SoundCloud Download, SoundCloud Download button, or more, all the options are worth your attention. Add-on SoundCloud Downloader seems to have more users across the globe, so using it is probably the most recommended option.

2. Can you convert SoundCloud songs to MP3?

Turning the SoundCloud songs to MP3 is only a matter of a few moments thanks to audacious and spectacular services of Musify music converter. It lets you download SoundCloud music losslessly, retaining all the relevant information.


Having the best SoundCloud downloader, Chrome, in your sights is always great for getting the SoundCloud music downloaded in the preferred audio format. We have gathered the 6 top notch Chrome extensions to convert the SoundCloud music with all the meta information remaining intact.

Since Google Chrome extension could affect the sound quality, Musify is the best way to download SoundCloud music files. It lets you download the SoundCloud playlist and songs in a few clicks.

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